Elimination Diet

What is the Feingold Association® ?

The Feingold Association®, is a non-profit volunteer organization whose purposes are to support members in the implementation of the Feingold Program and to generate public awareness of the potential role of food and synthetic additives in the treatment of behavior, learning, and health problems. The program is based on a diet eliminating synthetic colors, synthetic flavors, and the preservatives BHA, BHT and TBHQ.

The Feingold Association does not endorse approve or assume responsibility for any product, brand, method or treatment. The presence (or absence) of a product on a Feingold Food list, or the discussion f a method or treatment does not constitute approval (or disapproval). The Food lists are based primarily upon information supplied by manufacturers, and not based upon independent testing.

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What is stage 1 of the Feingold elimination diet ?



The Feingold Program is based upon an elimination diet composed of two stages.

Stage One eliminates:


Synthetic (artificial) colors –sometimes listed as “U.S. Certified Color,” “Color Added,” or by its Food and Drug Administration number, such as “FD&C Yellow No. 5.”

Synthetic (artificial) flavors – may be listed as “flavoring” or “artificial flavoring.” Vanillin is the only synthetic flavoring clearly labeled by its names.

Three antioxidant preservatives: BHA, BHT, and TBHQ


The following foods which contain natural salicylates:

Almonds Nectarines
Apples (also cider & cider vinegar) Oil of Wintergreen (methyl salicylate)
Apricots Oranges
All berries Peaches
Cherries Peppers (bell & chilies)
Cloves Plums & prunes
Coffee Tangerines
Cucumbers & pickles Tea
Currants Tomatoes
Grapes & raisins (also wine and wine vinegar) Aspirin and medication containing aspirin are also removed


What is stage two?

Stage Two.
   After a favorable response has been observed for 4 to 6 weeks, the natural salicylates may be carefully reintroduced and tested one at a time (as outlined in The Feingold Handbook).

Although many fruits and vegetables are removed at the start of the program, there is still a large selection permitted

Vegetables Allowed
Artichokes Celery Olives Squash
Asparagus Chard Onions Turnips
Alfalfa sprouts Collard greens Parsley Turnip greens
Bamboo shoots Eggplant Parsnips Water chestnuts
Bean sprouts Kale Peas Watercress
Beans (all types) Kohlrabi Potatoes, white & sweet Yams
Beets Lettuce Pumpkin
Broccoli Lentils Radishes
Brussels sprouts Lima beans Rhubarb
Cabbage Mushrooms Rutabaga
Carrots Mustard greens Sorrel
Cauliflower Okra Spinach



Fruits Allowed
Avocado Dates Kumquats Pears
Banana Figs Lemons Persimmon
Bread Fruit Grapefruit Limes Pineapple
Cantaloupe Guava Loquats Pomegranate
Casaba melon Honeydew melon Mangoes Watermelon
Coconut Kiwi Papaya



Things in the classroom that could cause a reaction ?

Back to School: Things in the classroom that could cause a reaction:
Finger paints Cologne, hair spray
Colored clay-Play Doh Glues
Dry erase markers Licking stamps
Air freshener Scented stickers
Chewing on pencils Disinfected classrooms & bathrooms
Scented toys, crayons Mold in carpeting or air filtration system

Contact the Feingold Association for information to share with your child’s teacher


Eating Out, what to eat ?



Eating Out:   Broiled steak or fish are always good choices.

Baked potato and (real) sour cream or spaghetti with (real) butter and cheese.

Fresh vegetable salad (use sour cream or lemon as a dressing) or ask for raw carrot and celery sticks.

Shrimp cocktail, no dressing. Use a lemon wedge.

Salad platter with cottage cheese, raw vegetables, tuna (straight from the can) sliced hard-boiled egg.

Plain hamburgers are generally safe.

Half a grapefruit –without the cherry. Melon wedges are also a good choice.

How about a hero sandwich? Consider roast beef, turkey, cheese, lettuce, and onion.


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