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How Madical Insurance Works
Some insights from consumer advocate Tim Bolen
Things To Be Concerned About
Forbidden vitamins and other health concerns
Vitamins to be Banned Worldwide
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Updates From The VItamin Lawyer
US Courts reverse FDA ephedra ban – April 14, 2005
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Want to understand those blood tests ?
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Take Action Politicaly:
Concerned about genetically engineered foods (GMO)? then check out these websites:
Council for responsible genetics
Greenpeace Biodiversity Campaign
International Center for Tech. Assessment
Mothers for Natural Law
Pure Food Campaign
Rural Advancement Foundations International (USA)
Union of Concerned Scientists
Express your concerns to:
Sec. Dan Glickman, US Dept. of Agriculture 202-720-2791
Admin. Carol Rrowner, EPA 202-260-4700
FDA 202-205-4561
Robt. Shapiro, Monsanto CEO, his fax: 314-694-1757