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What to do when a bee stings

Liver detoxification and herbs

Detoxification if the removal of chemicals from the body likely to cause tissue injury.

The drugs you take may affect your health:

Diabetes Increase Tied to New Antipsychotic Drug Class
The psychological side effect of drugs
Some Naturally occurring mutagens and carcinogens found in foods and beverages

Fluoride in our water and toothpaste

Fluoridation Studies
Fluoride makes no sense
What New Jersey Citizens Opposing Forced Fluoridation are saying
who is funding fluoridation

Mercury dangers

One man’s experience with mercury toxicity
Mercury fillings and the Florida Dental Board
Mercury in fish linked to heart
Environmental Issues
Toxins and Environmental Contaminants
Carcinogen in plastic
Toxic plastic rebuffed
Conference on Environmental Illness
Metal toxicity
The Patriot Act may force you to accept a vaccine with mercury as an ingredient
For legal aspects of avoiding vaccines see:
homeopathy for vaccine damage
US Center for Disease Control and Prevention Links Vaccine and Diabetes
vaccine alert, small pox
Smallpox vaccination information
LifeSpirit Church has issued a Religious Injunction againstcertain vaccinations
The Origin of AIDS and HIV May Not Be What You Have Learned
An interesting piece on extreme adverse vaccine reactions and the benefits of homeopathy
Are vaccine deaths being underreported?
Vaccine links to diabetes.
Immunization kit (please note we do not sell this kit; write to the company at the bottom of the article)
A very good website on this subject:
Best Food Sources of Nutrients
Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies
Survival guide (advises how to prepare for an emergency)