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What are your thoughts on vaccinations? Here is a link to an article from the Health Freedom Alliance with their thoughts on the effectiveness of vaccines.

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Neurotoxin Discovered In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

From National CFIDS Foundation Inc. Needham, Massachusetts Contact Information Gail Kansky 781-449-3535 Jill McLaughlin 978-475-0232 11-24-2 NEEDHAM, MA — Research sponsored by the National CFIDS Foundation was formally announced at the International Symposium on Toxins and Natural Products in Okinawa, Japan on November 17-19, 2002 by Dr.Yoshitsugi Hokama. The research, for the first time, discovered […]

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Dark adaptation, docosahexaenoic acid and dyslexia

B Jacqueline Stordy, BSc, PhD Scotia Pharmaceuticals, Guildford, UK It has been estimated from government sponsored studies in the UK and the USA that 10% of the population suffer to some extent from dyslexia, and that 4% are severely affected.  In the USA there has been a threefold increase in prevalence between 1976 and 1993.  […]

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Dyslexia studies

Benefit of Docosahexaenoic acid supplements to dark adaptation in dyslexics SIR-Makrides and colleagues (June 10, p 1463) provide strong evidence that docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an essential nutrient for the optimum neural maturation of term infants as assessed by visual evoked potential acuity.  I have data indicating that DHA supplementation in adult dyslexics improves dark […]

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Introducing Diabetiks®, the first FDA authorized multi-vitamin supplement for diabetics. This is a new updated formula based on recent clinical studies.

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