What to do once you are exposed

  • Take L-Glutamine to help rebuild the gut if the GI tract is damaged
  • If the blood system is impacted, clean bee pollen and mushroom extracts may be useful to rebuild the immune system; Shark alkyglycerols and Panexx ginseng are known to support platelet formation.
  • Cancer may strike about 4.5% of people exposed to radiation in the 1-Gy range, and one-quarter of those individuals will likely contract leukemia. Data from Hiroshima residents showed an increased frequency of lymphocyte chromosomal mutations after the blast and workers involved in the Chernobyl cleanup showed a 20% increase in mutation frequency.

All of the well-known cancer preventives become critically important. Radiation damages the system which protects us from cancer and inserts an agent which damages our genetic make-up leading, much as GMOs do, to foreign proteins being coded for by that damaged DNA. The biochemical (i.e., nutritional) protections like abundant antioxidants, avoiding toxins (including GMOs and chemically produced food, dental and other x-rays, TSA scanners, etc.) become critically important at this time. The danger of radiation exposure is not just short term. When the reactors are capped and controlled, you will still be dealing with the long term dangers associated with radiation exposure, in essence, for the rest of your life.