What to Avoid

  • Foods that do not Protect and suppress the thyroid

Soy products, including soy milk, do not have that ability and suppress the thyroid, as do cabbage family members.

  • Kelp

Taking kelp as a source of iodine is much safer than drinking iodine or eating potassium iodide, which can be especially dangerous for pregnant women and can cause allergic reactions.  Also, sudden large doses of iodine in humans with a normal thyroid may reduce the synthesis of thyroid hormone.

  • Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay, too, while good at absorbing radioactive particles, as zeolites are, by the way, can be up to 65% aluminum. Unless there is an emergency reason for using these substances, and with radiation poisoning, there may well be, please be very, very cautious about using these substances internally.

  • Clay baths

are important detoxification strategies. Follow the instructions on the product. Do not do detox baths more than once a day.

Avoid Zeolyte Compounds

Per Rima Laibow, MD: I do not recommend zeolyte compounds because while they may trap heavy metals, they often include aluminum compounds and it makes no sense to introduce a known toxin into the body to remove other toxins. I know this puts me at odds with those who swear by their zeolyte products, but since there are other ways to accomplish the same goals, I cannot see why we should put them in our bodies. After all, we rage about aluminum in vaccines and aluminum in chemtrails.