Status of Japanese Radiation in the US as of 3/27/11

   Hi Dr. Rima, I’ve been looking at and it’s hard to figure whether the radiation is here in [redacted] yet and if it has reached [redacted] where my wife is at the moment.I’m taking the suggested precautions, but I’d like to know if we should stay in doors today tomorrow or the next day to let it blow over. Thank you. 

Dr. Rima wrote back:

The radiation is a continuing threat since the reactors are continuing to emit. The problem is that until they are under control, it is blowing over and descending upon you day after day. The food growing areas of the US and Canada are being contaminated.  The milk, water and other foods are being contaminated and that contamination could go on for a long, long time even after the fallout stops because of the concept of “half life”.

The background is currently low in numbers but one molecule of plutonium is all that is necessary to guarantee cancer if it is ingested or breathed and it lodges in the body. I cannot tell you what to do but unless you also stop breathing and eating, staying indoors is a partial solution at best.

I would not take the Potassium Iodid yet but I would start all of the other precautions that you can, including clean kelp and seaweed products and continue them.

Potassium iodide KI or KIO3, Lugol’s solution works. Iodine has low toxicity: most people are iodine deficient so high doses are advised. Just a couple (2 to 4) per day sipped in juice. Foods that may prevent the body from using iodine are: turnip, cabbage, mustard greens, cassava root, soybeans, peanuts, pine nuts and millet. These foods are called goitrogens and excessive consumption can cause goiters so if you are using them temporarily, eat them raw. [Iodine is sold as a dietary supplement, but if sold to protect the thyroid from radioactive iodine emitted by a reactor accident might be considered a "prescription drug" so remember, you are obtaining it to supplement your diet... rf]

Miso soup made BEFORE March 11, 2011 – traditionally used to detox from electromagnetic overdoses.


  • Sulfur containing, thiol rich compounds like MSM and foods like asparagus.
  • Alkalinizing diet and agents (sodium bicarbonate away from food, lemon juice in water).
  • Large amounts of the freshest, purest water you can get; magnetize your water before drinking or bathing!