SPECIAL TEAS for protection against the effect of radiation

  • Pau d’arco (also called ipe roxo, la pacho, taheebo, and bowstick tea)

An herbal tea from the inner bark of two trees that grow in the warmer part of South America (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, etc.). Many South American doctors use a therapeutic tea from this herb to relieve pain and treat many conditions including leukemia and other forms of cancer, infections including yeast and other fungal conditions, skin rashes, and many other ailments

Dr. Theodoro Meyer of the Universidad Nacional of Tucuman, a province of the Argentine Andes, studied taheebo’s chemical composition and found a substance called xyloidin, an antibiotic capable of killing viruses. Dr. Prats Ruiz, M.D., of Concepcion, a city in Tucuman province, reported blood profiles of patients with leukemia before and after treatment with taheebo to document the efficacy of taheebo in treatment of certain cancers. Clinical details are provided by Professor Carlos Hugo Burgstaller in his book on the medicinal flora of Paraguay and Argentina, LA VUELTA A LOS VEGETALES (Buenos Aires, 1968).

This tea was widely available in many health food stores until news of its anticancer claims became widespread. There is now an FDA effort to prohibit its sale in the United States. It has already been taken off the Canadian market to be “reclassified as an over-the-counter drug” because of the healing claims made for it. FDA approval of a drug for a specific use takes 8-12 years and costs about $56 million (1982 estimate).  This is why you want to support health freedom with your donations         http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189


Contains colchicine, a substance that has been used in the treatment ofleukemia. It also lowers uric acid (high in those who have a tendency towards gout and/or cardiovascular disease).


Often used as a remedy after x-rays. Just steep one tablespoon of thyme per pint of hot water for 20 minutes, then cool and strain.


Used for radiation protection in China.  ORGANIC black, green, rooibus teas are good beverages because they, too, help with free radical damage.

Truly all-natural, toxin free Coffee (such as our Valley of the Moon Coffee™ – www.ValleyoftheMoonCoffee.com) is both a rich source of antioxidants but also a tonic to the liver.