Detoxification Baths

Epsom Salts Bath

Cobalt 60 is believed to be drawn out of the body with an Epsom Salts bath.
Instructions: Dissolve 1 pound of sea salt or rock salt and 1 pound of baking soda in a hot bath — as hot as can be tolerated — and soak into the water until the bath becomes cool. This usually takes about 20-25 minutes. Afterward, do not shower or rinse the salt off your body for 4-8 hours.

A Clorox Bleach Bath

A Chlorox Bleach bath is believed to remove heavy metals (a serious problem in nuclear reactor accidents) and chemical contaminants. Dr. Parcells, an early pioneer woman chiropractor used to recommend the Chlorox bath for radiation sensitivity; she passed on a couple years ago at age 103.

Chlorox Bath Instructions: Just add 1 cup of regular Clorox bleach to a tub of hot water — as hot as can be tolerated — and once again soak in it until the water becomes cool or body temperature. Don’t wash off for at least 4 hours and make sure you’re using sufficient water. Use a lot of water and do not increase the amount of bleach.
[12:46:09 PM] Rima Laibow, MD: During these baths, it is advisable to sip 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in warm water. With radioactive fallout, Parcells recommended a stronger mixture of drinking an 8-ounce glass of water containing ¼-teaspoon natural sea salt (Chico-san brand) and ¼-teaspoon baking soda. According to the severity, this was to be drunk every 2-3 hours and each glass was to be taken with 3 tablets of calcium lactate, which is a very easy to absorb form of calcium. If an individual seemed to be experiencing symptoms in the head, sinuses, chest, glands, neck, throat, they were to add ¼-teaspoon of cream of tartar to the mixture. Once again, don’t shower for at least 4 hours after the bath.

Clay Baths

According to Dr. Rima Laibow, MD: It is reported that LL’s Magnetic Clay Baths has a superior Environmental Detox Bath, composed of bentonite clay with less than .5% aluminum content and no emulsifiers and would be my bentonite of choice.
Bentonite clay, too, while good at absorbing radioactive particles, as zeolites are, by the way, can be up to 65% aluminum. Unless there is an emergency reason for using these substances, and with radiation poisoning, there may well be, please be very, very cautious about using these substances internally.

Clay baths are important detoxification strategies. Follow the instructions on the product. Do not do detox baths more than once a day.