The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet was developed by Arthur Agatston, M.D. to be healthy for your heart.  It soon became evident that the South Beach Diet was also very effective for fast and health weight loss.

The South Beach Diet was designed to be easy to follow.  It has produced consistently dramatic results (8 to 13 pounds lost in he first 2 weeks!).

It is based upon the glycemic value of foods.  The faster sugars and starches you eat are processed and absorbed into your bloodstream, the fatter you get.  The idea is to slow the process by which your body digests carbohydrates.  You do this by avoiding refined carbohydrates (i.e. any food that is fortified with nutrients because this indicates the food has first been stripped of its nutrients in the processing).  So go for the fiber.  When you eat uncooked veggies, your digestive system has to work extra hard in order to get at the carbs.  However every remember, it is important to chew your foods.  In vegetables, this releases the enzymes that help to digest the nutrients.

The coarser and heavier the bread it, the better it is for you.  Whole and intact foods are better for you than chopped or slices, which is better than diced, which is better than mashed or pureed.  Juiced is the least desirable.  Many micronutrients are in the skin of the produce.

Fiber slows the absorption of sugar, but fats and proteins also slow the speed with which your stomach digests carbs.  Thus eating a little protein or some fat (not all fats are healthy) with your carbs in helpful.

Get a copy of The south Beach Diet by Arthur Agatston and published by Rodale Press.