Some good news about Chocolate!

  • Chocolate is rich in some of the same antioxidants as tea, which may help protect against heart disease and cancer.  One ounce has about as much as a half cup of brewed black tea.

  • Chocolate has little effect on blood cholesterol.  It is a plant product and thus holesterol-free.  The high saturated fat in chocolate is mostly stearic acid, which does not boost blood cholesterol the way other saturated fatty acids do.

  • Chocolate has only tiny amounts of caffeine.
  • Chocolate does not cause acne.
  • Chocolate is not addictive however chocolate is usually No. 1 on the list of preferred foods among overeaters.  Cocoa powder and chocolate do contain a substance that might set off some neurons in the brain and produce a feeling of well-being.  But to get any psycho-active effect, you would have to swallow 50-100 lbs. of chocolate at one sitting.

  • Chocolate contributes little to tooth decay.  Plain chocolate bars, though sugary, are not sticky and clear out the mouth quickly.  In addition, cocoa contains substances that may inhibit the bacterial growth that promotes plaque formation and thus cavities.

If however, you find you would like to cut back on your chocolate consumption, look for a supplement that helps promote serotonin production. Low serotonin is responsible for insatiable cravings.  So if you can’t take just one chocolate without finishing the box, you may want to read about PowerSleep with 5-HTP.