Genetic-engineered Foods

An introduction to genetic-engineered foods: According to Genesis Farm’s recent edition of biotechnology about 75% of all processed foods now contain some form of genetically-altered food. Some of these plant foods are being altered to contain pesticides, or genes from animals, fish, insects, humans, bacteria and viruses. These foods are being altered almost exclusively for marketability and profit, while less than 1% for nutritional quality or taste. Gene-altered foods are not required to be labeled. All the major seed companies are being bought by biotechnology corporations to ensure the sale of their genetically-altered seed. Under corporate influence, from the Reagan White House to our present Clinton administration, our government has been pushing hard for acceptance of biotechnology both here and abroad. This has been done without proper public discussion. There has never been any long-term or adequate short-term testing for the safety of these foods to humans or the rest of the ecosystem. All tests conducted were done by the corporations creating the technologies. Websites to check:

Organizations to which to express your concerns:

  • Secretary Dan Glickman, US Dept. of Agriculture 202-720-2791
  • Admin. Carol Rrowner, Environmental Protection Agency 202-260-4700
  • Food and Drug Administration 202-205-4561
  • Robt. Shapiro, CEO – Monsanto fax: 314-694-1757