Test to see if you are at risk for diabetes

The test was developed by The American Diabetes Foundation.
If you are overweight, under active or over age 45 you should take this test.

The Test:

  1. My weight is at least 20% heavier than that recommended. YES (5 points)
  2. I am under 65 and I get little or no exercise during the usual day.  YES (5 points)
  3. I am between 45 and 64 years of age. YES (5 points)
  4. I am 65 or older.  YES (9 points)
  5. I am a woman who has had a baby weighting more than nine pounds at birth.  YES (1 point)
  6. I have a sister or brother with diabetes.  YES (1 point)
  7. I have a parent with diabetes. YES (1 point).

If you score between 3 and 9 points, you are probably at low risk for diabetes for now.  If you score 10 or more points, you are at high risk and should ask your health care provider about diabetes at your next visit.

Some of the symptoms of diabetes are: extreme thirst, blurry vision from time to time, frequent urination, unusual tiredness or drowsiness, unexplained weight loss, wounds that won’t heal, always hungry, sexual problems, vaginal infections, numb, burning   or tingling hands or feet.