Diabetes Industry Conceals Epidemic

Profits are feeding the epidemic of diabetes while the establishment hides the fact that the disease is reversible.

By Thomas Smith

Syndrome X–adult-onset, type II diabetes–has reached epidemic proportions in the United States.

However, no steps are being taken by the government or allopathic doctors to try to prevent the spread of diabetes because it is a major moneymaker for the Establishment medical community.

Americans are efficient by gullible. to presume that the diabetes industry would sacrifice billions of dollars a year by quickly ending the diabetes epidemic is unrealistic.

You will only learn that diabetes is reversible through alternative publications.  Is there something wrong here?

Diabetes, Syndrome X, exhibits many severe symptoms, including elevated blood sugar, elevated insulin levels, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglycerids, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, impotence and hypothyroidism.

However, diabetes is only treated by doctors, who expect to be paid for not curing disease, for often making the disease worse and, even, for sometimes killing the patient.

The drug companies find a financial bonanza in treating symptoms without curing degenerative disease.

There are myriad drugs to treat all of the symptoms, but where is the financial incentive to sell a drug that quickly cures the underlying disease?

Diabetes magazines and newsletters focus on a vast array of drugs and devices designed to help the diabetic cope.  They are typically supported by advertisers of drugs, blood testers, pancreatic pumps, test strips, fungal treatments, insulin, fake sweeteners, questionable food products, insulin pumps, blood pressure monitors and an impressive array of other diabetes-related products. None of them cure diabetes.  Some make the disease worse.

Advertising revenue support these magazines.  To protect this advertising revenue, these magazines assure that their subscribers are never confronted with the truth that diabetes is curable.

One popular diabetes magazine, in the recent issue, had an ad for a sugar-regulating drug called Glucophage.

The ad contains the admonishment “along with diet and exercise, Glucophage can help you lower your blood sugar…”

An example of the sort of diet the magazine recommended was stir fry.

Sir-fried foods along with deep fried foods are  among the most diabetes-provoking in the American food chain.  Both are saturated with over-heated oils.

These destroyed oils have been implicate as a causative agent in type II diabetes for decades.  To recommend this to the diabetic is to insure that his diabetes will never go into remission.

Food is to blame for this epidemic.

Today’s food has been engineered for maximum shelf life without expensive refrigeration.  Profits drive the companies that comprise the food chain.  The terrible health consequences of this policy are never allowed to interfere with business.

The chemical processes involved with digestion and metabolism are the same processes that cause food to spoil and for fats and oils to become rancid.  These processes, so necessary to digestion, are incompatible with the shelf-life requirements of the modern food industry.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is good for the diabetes business.  To expect it to protect the public from bad food and drugs is a fantasy.

In an unusually candid comment, Dr. Herbert Ley, former FDA commissioner, said: “The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them.  It Isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day.”

Scientists are no more honest than any other segment of society.  Frequently, with more to lose such as grants, tenure, corporate position, reputation, retirement and other financial rewards, they lied about their science through omission and commission.

Tax-free foundations, after trying for decades, are no closer to finding a cure than they were in the 1950′s.

In the late 1950s, many reputable scientists began making the trans-fat connection to both cancer and diabetes.  As late as the 1990′s the American Heart Association was trumpeting deadly margarine as “heart healthy.”

Another tax-free foundation was promoting worthless exchange diets and ridiculing the immense value of the glycemic index.

Thomas Smith is a reluctant medical investigator having been forced into discovering a cure for his own diabetes because it was obvious that his doctor didn’t have one.  He has published the results of his investigations in the report entitled “Insulin:  Our Silent Killer.”  He has posted these results no  the web page www.Healingmatters.com