New Parasite Found

New Parasite found in some Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) patients: In a recent double blind study at Harvard According to Dr. Larry Klapow, Ph.D. in Invertebrate Biology, discovered a new species of roundworm parasite turned up in 40% of the CFS subjects. Newly named Cryptostrongylus pulmoni means the hidden lung worm. A PCR test is being developed to identify this parasite. Some signs are inappropriate low IgE levels and low eosinophile counts in patients. These parasites secrete the hormones, VIP and HCNP. VIP is involved in regulating blood pressure and blood flow. It’s important in regulating blood flow to the brain. It’s believed to be implicated in orthostatic intolerance from which a number of CFS patients suffer. HCNP is a limbic system neuropeptite believed to be involved in memory and immune function.