The benefits of TMG (Tri-methyl-glycine)


Note Sunnie contains TMG!

Betaine TMG (not to be confused with Betaine HCL) works along with Vitamin B6, folic acid and Vitamin B12 to augment the formation of SAMe, an amino acid in the brain. Amino acids are proteins.

What are some of the benefits of TMG?

TMG  (Betaine Anhydrous) is a methyl donor with the following applications in human nutrition:

Anti-depression:  By raising level of beneficial SAM (S-Adenosyl-Methionine).

Dose range:  500-1,500 mg daily.

Body building:  In the animal husbandry field, TMG is used to decrease fat and increase meat yield.  While human studies have just started, a 200 pound individual with 20% body fat can expect to lose as much as 5 pounds of fat and gain as much as 12 pounds of muscle.

Dose range:  500-2,000 mg daily.

General Health Preventative:  As part of a formula for maintaining good health or disease prevention.

Dose range: 500-1,000 mg daily

Homocysteine Lowering:  Specific for that purpose.   The supplement of choice for lowering homocystenuria,

Dose range: 500-1,000 mg daily.

As used by clinicians and hospitals with patient monitoring -up to 3 grams daily.

Diabetics tend to have elevated homocysteine, which frequently results in cardiovascular disease.  TMG can help lower homocysteine. Elevated homocysteine may also be responsible for depression.

Liver Disorders: As a part of liver-healing and protection formulas.  Increases SAM levels in the liver, enables the liver to metabolize fat and protect against many challenges such as alcohol induced cirrhosis.  TMG will also decrease bilirubin, alkaline phosphotase, and several other liver enzymes related to a large variety of liver disorders.  Significant liver benefits have been shown in 20 studies.

Dose range:  500-1,500 mg. daily.

Longevity Formulations: As a part of a life extension formula.   TMG has shown ability to protect interrogate of cellular DNA through methyl donation.

Dose range:  500-1,000 mg daily.

Methyl Donor Formulations:  Along with B12, Folic acid, and Choline.

Dose range:  500-1,500 mg. daily.

Performance:  Due to it’s bi-polar nature, helps osmotic pressure in cells.   For example it is used in salmon farming to protect fish against the problems of changing salt content.  In humans, TMG maintains normal cellular electrolyte concentrations despite water and electrolyte losses during exercise.  TMG also helps metabolize fats, which allows the body to burn fat rather than protein or muscle during exercise.  The result is less cramping, increased endurance, and better utilization of fat stores,

Dose range:  1,000-2,000 mg daily.