Products that are gluten free, iron free or copper free

Looking for products that are lactose, gluten, iodine, sugar, caffeine, alcohol or soy protein free?

Our Products: (what are pro-biotics?)

Our Products are gluten and iron free.  They are also lactose free with the exception of Maple Melts which does contain lactose.

  • PowerVites energy complex
  • PowerMate herbal anti-oxidant
  • Diabetiks - the first FDA accepted multi-vitamin for diabetes
  • Primrose Oile - fine imported evening primrose oil
  • Sunnie formulation  for stress and depression
  • PowerSleep - herbal sleep and anti-craving formula
  • Signal 369 - premium blend of omega essential oils 3, 6 and 9
  • Maple Melts -chewable multi-vitamin suitable for children and those with food sensitivities