Hope on the Horizon for those who want to spot reduce

Hope on the Horizon for those who want to spot reduce. Many people loose weight but not primarily in places they want. Help may come from some exciting research underway into sound frequencies. Bio acoustic researcher, Sharry Edwards, believes spot fat buildup is the result of the body protecting itself from toxins by building up a padding of fat around these areas. Although she has seen promising results, more research funding is needed to fully develop this technique. Ms. Edwards has discovered many relationships between frequencies and the body. She identifies frequencies that are in stress , introduces corrective signals through earphones and a sophisticated, computerized tone box. The result is that the body uses these frequencies to self heal. One way to detox is through a unique infra red sauna. This allows toxins from deep in the fat to be expelled through sweat. Traditional saunas only raise the body temperature on the outer layers, thus not addressing the real problem. A half hour in this sauna will burn 300 to 500 calories.  See previous newsletter Some thoughts on detoxing