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I’ve been a doctor for 35 years. I am licensed in various states as a homeopathic physician, and osteopathic physician, and a board certified naturopathic physician.


About ten years ago, I was at a medical meeting and it was coffee break time. I happened to be standing next to a group of doctors when I overheard one say, My child had the measles for two hours! the other doctor said, Yeah, my child had the measles for one hour! Well! I couldn’t contain myself… I broke into the group and said, “How could that be?”

Both doctors said the same thing: that their children got a sore throat, enlarged neck glands, a fever, a measles rash… and the whole thing came and went in one or two hours. I demanded to know how this could be and that’s when they told me how they “immunize” their kids with homeopathic drops… drops which stimulate the body to be ready for all the childhood illnesses They simply spray the drops in their child’s mouth every six months. They do not believe that it is wise to give their kids regular immunizations because of the serious side effects and reactions, and the mercury preservative in the shots.

Ever since I’ve dispensed these drops to parents and grandparents and all I’ve had were a bunch of repeat orders. Never a complaint. And you can bet my grandchildren are taking the drops too, literally in place of orthodox immunizations.


Basically there are three separate bottles of drops (in spray bottles). For three days in a row you spray a few drops from the first bottle in your child’s mouth three times a day. The next three days you do the same thing using the second bottle. The next three days you do the same thing using the third bottle. That’s it. You’re done!

The first bottle simulates the body to overcome all the childhood virus diseases. The second bottle does the same for bacterial diseases, and the third bottle is for fungal diseases. It’s that simple!

You could save a fortune just not going to the doctor for shots. Especially since there’s enough in each bottle (2 oz.) for several kids, or to accommodate one child for a few years! Moreover, homeopathics stored in a dark medicine cabinet can last for decades.



Simple! Over the years I developed a very comprehensive “Alternative Immunization Kit” … a collection of documents to sign and present to authorities. You may copy these documents for as many kids as you want.

The first document, called the “Guarantee of Safe Immunization Form”, lists oodles of reasons why each vaccination is dangerous, and this document is the basis for your “informed refusal” to vaccinate your child. You sign the form and give it to the school. (I printed some parts of this form below. Check it out!) The second document, the “Homeopathic Immunization Record” , shows that you are a responsible parent/guardian because you have immunized your child using alternative method (the homeopathic drops). The third document is for those who wish to invoke their right to religious freedom by presenting the Christian bible’s position on immunization.


1. Three bottles of homeopathic drops for stimulating the immune system against specific childhood viruses, bacteria and fungus.

2. Homeopathic Immunization Protocol (tells exactly how to administer the drops).

3. Guarantee of Safe Immunization Form (smart way to refuse vaccinations without actually saying so).


CCUSA, Homeo-VAX Dept.
7315 E. Evans Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

4. Notice of Immunization by Homeopathic Method (certifies that you immunized your child).

5. Christian Bible Position on Immunization Form.

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