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Florida Dental Board Backs Down…

Opinion by “Consumer Advocate” Tim Bolen

January 19, 2002

I love it when a plan comes together…

The people of the State of Florida, WERE in imminent danger, until yesterday, January 18, 2001. Not from a terrorist attack, not from a hurricane, but from a source few would suspect – their friendly, neighborhood dentist. And that dentist – held hostage – was going to be forced to cooperate, in what some Health Freedom activists characterize as “the forcing of a known deadly toxin into our bodies”

Everyone in the world knows that MERCURY is a deadly poison, and wreaks havoc with the human body. The problem is so well known in government circles that US Congresswoman Diane Watson, on Monday November 5, 2001 introduced a bill OUTLAWING the use of mercury fillings in the US over a five year period.

But, prior to yesterday, it looked like the Florida Dental Board was taking it’s orders from “quackbuster” kingpin, Bobbie Baratz, who recently replaced delicensed MD Stephen Barrett on the quackpot throne. And that would have meant, simply, that Floridians would be forced to accept mercury fillings HAMMERED into the mouths of their children, and loved ones, whether they liked it or not. An apparently corrupt Dental Association was trying to get the Florida Dental Board to pass rules making it illegal to warn patients about the effects of the deadly poison (mercury) that makes up 50% of every (so-called) “silver” dental filling. They were also trying to pass regulations that would allow seizure of licenses of practicing dentists who remove mercury fillings, or advertise to do so. Three new regulations, sponsored by the Florida Dental Association, were on the table in front of the Dental board for discussion. They were introduced last September.

The largest manufacturer of mercury amalgams, I’m told, manufactures in Florida. There has been no investigation, as yet, into whether State appointed Dental Board members, or Dental
Association members have any financial, or business relationships with amalgam manufacturers. Maybe it’s time to look…


In a two hour meeting before that Dental board health freedom activists from all over North America gathered. They were there to counter the LUDICROUS presentation, asking for the three new regulations, made to the Florida Dental Board, last September, on behalf of the Florida Dental Association, by the buffoon-in-chief himself, National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) President Bobbie Baratz.

There was standing room only.

World renowned experts testified about the dangers of mercury, and the responsibility the Dental Board has to protect the public. For almost two hours, “real experts” countered the DRIVEL previously delivered, in September, to the Florida Board by quackpot Baratz.

Baratz, who was there, was apparently so intimidated he couldn’t speak when it was his turn, at the end of the meeting. The Dental Association representative declined to have Baratz speak at this meeting. They had flown Baratz, who claims he gets $350 per hour as an “expert,” all the way down from Massachusetts. Not to speak?

Maybe the message that the people of California delivered to their own Dental Board, this last year, sank in, in Florida. Californians DUMPED their own board, forcing the formation of a new board, with all new members, after January 1, 2002, because the board acted arrogantly over ONE issue, the posting of mercury amalgam warnings in dental offices. The disbanded board kept insisting that “there is no evidence that mercury amalgams pose a problem.” Californians know better.

Or, maybe it was the fact that the Health Freedom people in Florida, brought their own court reporter, and their own video team, to record the proceedings. But, whatever…

The Florida Dental Board backed down…


The Florida campaign was WELL designed. It was choreographed from start to finish – and it’s not finished yet. The broad-issue health freedom people jumped in and made an alliance with the dental issue people – an alliance made in heaven. New friends were made.

The goals, and objectives, were well thought out. And, an action plan was initiated and carried through to this point – and it’s not over.

Four major things were accomplished: (1) Information on the dangers of mercury amalgam were put into the public record – so that it cannot be denied, (2) information on laws governing what the public needs to be warned about was put into the public record – so that it cannot be denied, (3) information on the”Florida Health Freedom Bill” and it’s INTENT was formally entered into the public record by the Senate and House sponsors of that legislation – so that it cannot be denied, (4) information was entered into the public record about the LACK OF CREDIBILITY of Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD (Bobbie Baratz)
President of the NCAHF – so that it cannot be denied.

Of course, the reason they did these things was calculated. Should the Florida Dental Board have continued on their original course, with the information they now had in front of them, they too, like in California, would have been history. That was, and is, the next step, if necessary.

It isn’t necessary – yet.

You don’t mess with the Health Freedom Movement…

Tim Bolen
Consumer Advocate

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