Tell the Chlorine Institute: Stop Mercury Contamination Today!

Today is a big day in our effort to stop seafood contamination by mercury — and you can help!

Our recent report on mercury contamination, “Poison Plants“, identified a source of this toxic pollution that most Americans didn’t even realize existed: a small group of chlorine companies still using an outdated production process called “mercury-cell” chlorine production to make their products, even though cleaner, better processes have been available for decades.Today, the annual meeting of the industry group that represents chlorine manufacturers, the Chlorine Institute, is in progress in Baltimore, MD — and Oceana is there! Our campaigners, along with grassroots supporters like you who live in the Baltimore area, are there protesting to demand that these industrial companies stop emitting toxic mercury into our air and water.

We need your help to show them that safer seafood and healthy families is a cause all America is behind. We’ve created an online petition for you to sign to express your support for our Seafood Contamination Campaign. Please take a moment today and add your signature — help us show the chlorine manufacturers that the time to clean up is now!

Toxic mercury in our air and water poisons creatures all the way up the food chain, from the smallest fish to our own friends and family. We think it’s time the chlorine industry stopped these few dirty plants from soiling the reputation of the rest of the industry, which produces 90% of American chlorine products using mercury-free methods. Help us send that message loud and clear — sign the petition today!


Jason Lefkowitz
Manager, E-Activism

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: My story about mercury

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

Have you experienced poisoning or sickness because of mercury? Tell us about it! Please tell us what symptoms you noticed, how you determined it was due to mercury, how much fish you eat, including tuna or sushi, and what role your doctor played, if any.

This space provides room for editing.


Cynthia Quast