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Address to Vitamin Companies – how to protect you bottom line in times of legislative turmoil- Aug. 20, 2005

For updates from March 31, 2005

1. See Vitamin Lawyer News, www.vitaminlawyernews.com for link to the new IOM
Report on Alternatives and CAM that appears to call for reversal of DSHEA’s distinction between nutrient claims and drug claims.

Will the public allow the law to be reversed, after the historic struggle in the 1990′s that forced Congress to recognize the right of the public to truthful information about dietary supplements?

This may be a key question for each of your businesses. And remember, the front line of this battle is in Europe right now, where an EU court hearing next week may further erode freedom in the nutrient market. See:
http://www.alliance-natural-health.org to support the action.

2. Interesting Press Release on PR web that was picked up by FDA NEWS:


In a continuation of its policy to support the pharmaceutical industry by limiting freedom of access to health-giving nutritional products, the FDA is set to ban many perfectly safe natural health products. Citizens must take action to protect their right to proper nutrition, which is almost impossible without supplementation.

The release was signed:

Concerned citizens should contact their member of Congress
representative (http://www.house.gov/writerep/) or visit the Health Action
Center (http://www.healthactioncenter.com), where they can get more

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