Ralph Fucetola, Vitamin Lawyer and Health Freedom Activist

Ralph Fucetola, Vitamin Lawyer and Health Freedom Activist


Recently an industry organization spokesperson told a Health Freedom activist that 9 out of 10 lawyers involved with Dietary Supplement issues do not think Codex Alimentarius and the WTO are a threat to American health choice freedoms.

I am one of those “1 of 10″ lawyers without-pharma-cartel-clients who takes the CODEX issue very seriously.

Frankly, with the EU “positive list,” the US IOM calling for scrapping DHSEA, and our “public servants” in FDA working to “harmonize” our laws to Europe’s restrictions, any lawyer, or vitamin industry association, failing to see the threat is either deluded or a shill for the cartel. Lawyer Nancy Lord wrote a good article on the threat at her lawloft.com web site.

When I was on the Gary Null show a while ago, I said: “Don’t subject our dietary supplement rights to WTO – CODEX controls, instead, Harmonize the rest of the world to American freedoms protected under DSHEA.” – this political position remains valid and needs to be raised as often and loudly as possible.

Last night, I was at an organizing meeting for NJ Natural Health Professionals group. Fifty MDs, acupuncturists, homeopaths, nutrient purveyors and a couple consumers all came together specifically to oppose CODEX and the related threats. This is happening all over the country. The Grass Roots is waking up.

The people there knew about S3, they knew about CODEX, they knew about the efforts of Alliance for Natural Health in Europe and they were not at all surprised that some industry associations and “experts” are objectively”controlled opposition” doing the cartel’s bidding.

No one is being fooled anymore. The “Vitamin War” is entering a decisive crisis. Once ANH wins in the EU, the restrictive European regulatory model will not be an option for CODEX. Our current American regulatory model, where people are free to innovate and make broad claims for the benefits of nutrients, enshrined in DSHEA, must become the world model.

Isn’t that the new American Mission – to bring freedom to the whole world?

We can all help by donating to the Alliance for Natural Health  to make sure their fight to overturn the EU?s restrictive Food Supplement Directive is successful (they’ve hired the only European law firm to have ever overturned an EU directive and have already gotten over a couple of the legal
hurdles toward that goal). http://www.alliance-natural-health.org.

We can also help by going to important web sites like the International Advocates, www.iahf.com and www.bolenreport.net. Also, saveoursupplements.org, lef.org or vitaminlawyernews.com.

Ralph Fucetola JD