What is CODEX?

Health activists meet in Washington, DC to Defend DSHEA – Defeat CODEX - 4/23/05

Partial Victory against Codex – EU Food Directive Held Invalid - 04/05/05

UK Parliament SMASHES Big Pharma… by Tim Bolen

The latest warnings about the impact of the WTO on American access to supplements! and call to action:

“The Green Party warned all along that international trade authorities like the WTO would overrule our ability to pass our own laws,” said Howie Hawkins, Teamster, fair trade activist, and chair of the Green Party of Onondaga County, New York. “If Congress, which is authorized by the Constitution to regulate interstate trade, signed away such powers when it endorsed U.S. membership in the WTO, then the Constitution has been rendered meaningless. We urge Congress to defy the WTO and to cancel U.S. membership in the WTO when it comes up for review later this year.”

 “Bowing and Scraping for the WTO”
by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), February 28, 2005

“Summer of  2005: Critical Time for Dietary Supplements”
by Suzan Walter
American Holistic Health Association

Alliance for Natural Health


And, finally, http://www.little-back-box.org

Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen on understanding Codex.  The “Codex” issue is NOT about stopping supplements worldwide. It is about Big Pharma TAKING OVER, and completely controlling the supplement industry.

An update from John Hammell - an advocate for health freedom on the court proceedings – Feb. 4, 2005

The Vitamin Lawyer, Ralph Fucetola take a serious look at CODEX:

I am one of those “1 of 10″ lawyers without-pharma-cartel-clients who takes
the CODEX issue very seriously

From Life Extension Foundation, Emergency Update - good report from John
Hammell on the EU court hearing to stop the restrictive Food Supplement
Directive - http://www.lef.org/featured-articles/emergency_update_020705.htm