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This analysis of the threat to health care freedom of choice from an educator is well written and worth reading…  Please forward it.

“Consider this striking motive from the profit mandated drug industry: The ten drug companies listed on the Fortune 500 list amassed a profit in one year (2002) of $35.9 billion dollars.  This is more than the profits of the other 490 Fortune 500 companies combined ($33.7 billion).”


Forbidden Vitamins and Other Health Care Concerns – Sharry Edwards, MEd

How would you react if you visited your local health food store only to find the vitamins draped in black as a reminder that you could no longer purchase vitamins?  Would you be infuriated if you were prevented from making the nutrient purchases of your choice on-line?  Would you be insulted if you were barred from certain restaurants or food purchases at the local grocery because of your weight?  The erosion of our health rights began long before Codex.  It began with complacency.

Here are a few on-line headlines that the majority of Americans have chosen to ignore:

• Homeland Security bill allows forced vaccinations
• Flu shots that kill
• Armed forces personnel refusing to accept inoculations
• Smallpox vaccine causes heart attack
• Hepatitis vaccine given to California newborns without parental permission
• “Baby M” forcibly vaccinated by Court order from Judge at request of local hospital
• Forced health procedures by Medicare
• Codex – The Drug Pushers are trying to take your vitamins away
• FDA approved Vioxx shown to have caused thousands of heart attacks and an estimated 55,000   deaths
• Reputation of the FDA in shambles after Vioxx scandal
• Health care withheld for budgetary reasons
• Medicare law mandates that private insurance be dropped in favor of Medicare
• Direct connection between drug company profits and prescription costs
• Americans being charged highest prices for prescription drugs in the world
• Why does Tamoxifen (10 mg, .180 cnt.) cost $241 in the US but only $34 in Canada?

Is there anyone left who is untouched by the actions behind these headlines? Why have these agencies, that we want to think have our best interests at heart, put our health last on their lists of priorities?  Profits, market share, sales projections, lobbyist satisfaction, research funding, legacy leaving, publishing grants, and the famous “bottom line” excuse of economic survival have deliberately set in place a back-seat attitude toward the original goal of optimal health and wellness. Consider this striking motive from the profit mandated drug industry: The ten drug companies listed on the Fortune 500 list amassed a profit in one year (2002) of $35.9 billion dollars.  This is more than the profits of the other 490 Fortune 500 companies combined ($33.7 billion).

Does those who makes the rules really think that the public is so stupid that they will believe that forced immunizations will provide more security; that higher drug costs will produce better drugs; that a pencil-pusher at the Medicare office can make informed health care decisions.  I guess so since we are the ones who are allowing it to happen.  By our complacency, we grant tacit approval.

The Broken Promise of American Medicine (2004, HarperCollins) by John D. Abramson, MD reports that at the present time our health standards and practices are in the hands of an impassive FDA, a self-preserving AMA and a money grubbing pharmaceutical conglomerate.  We have only a few compassionate providers who put our health in front of their pocketbooks but unfortunately these brave individuals are being harassed using the Courts, outrageous insurance coverage demands and tax audits as Clubs of Compliance.

It is unlikely that the drug companies will place health first because it is their duty to stockholders to “grab a share of the established, lucrative market,” writes MD Marcia Angell in her book, The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and what to do About It. Above all, those who live in America think of ourselves as free.  We demand choice!  Our CHOICES are deliberately being eroded by those who claim they have our best interests at heart. How many more will suffer before we draw the line of intolerable, before we collectively revolt?  How many more OPTIONS will be threatened, lost? We can continue to ignore the warnings and lose it all or we can take a stand now; not just for vitamins but for freedom of choice about a basic right, our right to optimal health and wellness. Since those in charge can’t seem to make the decisions that are in the best interests of the citizens, then it is up to us to provide an appropriate, impartial and reasonable solution.

Just as the oil industry must revamp or die so must the health industry.  If profits – a very powerful incentive – are at the root of this dilemma, it is not likely that Big Pharma will voluntarily cite lower profits as a goal. Do we risk lowering the search for new and more powerful drugs to keep us healthy as we demand that drug companies lower their profit margins?  No likely.  Abramson reports that in 2002, of the 78 drugs that were approved by the FDA, only 17 of them contained anything new and 7 of those were classified as improvements over already existing older versions – and then only because the patents of the existing drugs were due to expire.

It is time that we, the people, seek out and claim dominion over our own SELF HEALTH. This means taking responsibility for our health from the inside-out (making healthy choices from food to friends) and from the outside-in (making sure that our health rights, our freedom of choice in health care is nurtured and protected).

Monitoring wellbeing via the internet is one such option.  In addition to many self tests to screen nutritional needs, BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling is being advanced to provide on-line opportunities for SELF HEALTH.  Using a computerized voice analysis, provided via the internet, a person will be able to monitor, in terms of frequency equivalents, nutrient needs, toxins and pathogens risk factors, muscle strength/weakness plus metabolic issues, including predictive evaluations.

I’ve signed petitions, I’ve spoken to my representatives, I’ve written to the drug companies but our rights continue to be challenged.  We each must find a way to support our right to accessible, compassionate and competent health care.

My CALL TO ACTION concerning the abominable state of our health system is to hereby offer a 30 day trial of our newest Vocal Profiling programs to anyone reading this posting.  It is unfortunate that I cannot offer a complete analysis via the internet – a lack of funding prevents this but it is part of our vision to provide this opportunity to everyone.  Please contact me at for further information or read more about it at

Sharry Edwards, MEd
Moving Medicine Forward through SELF HEALTH

Sharry Edwards is the Director of the Sound Health Research Institute, a
non-profit 501 (c)3 educational research organization,


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