Visceral Massage and Structural Balance

Visceral Massage and Structural Balance – According to Kathy Green, I had an incredible experience [the other] night! Don and Carina Crosta gave me a Visceral Massage session. Yes, visceral massage is massage of the internal organs. Normal exterior massage is wonderful. Visceral massage is awesomely wonderful It is difficult to explain how it feels to have your kidneys, spleen, ovaries, pancreas, heart, etc. massaged but when you are finished, you feel as though your insides have woken up! And that wonderful stretched out feeling you get in your muscles after regular massage extends all the way through you, to put it simply–right through your gut! When women carry children, their internal organs get pushed around and tucked into corners so that the fetus can do gymnastics. Visceral massage practitioners push everything back to where it works best. It is a strange feeling having your digestive system moved back where it came from, but you feel very centered when the work is done. The Crostas work their therapies out of Warwick, NY (Tel: 914-986-9348)