Subtle Energies for Healing

 Although prescription drugs do not take long to work, they are not without side effects. Nutrients take days to have an impact. Although often slower, subtle energies are equally important. Nutritional supplements work faster because they are in the realm of the physical. Homeopathy and radionics do not work on the material plane, yet they produce effects and results on the material plane. So what are subtle energies? Subtle energies are fields of energy superimposed upon each other in our bodies. They connect to each other and to our physical bodies through points referred to as chakras . These energies should flow unhindered. Blockages that prevent this free flow are called miasms. Miasms are the cause of many physical problems. Once they are removed and the energy flows, the healing may begin. Health conditions that are genetic tend to be the result of miasms. This is encouraging, because it means we are not destined to suffer the ailments of our relatives. According to Sharry Edward, a bio-acoustics research, The blockage is nothing more than some fluff on the end of a frequency that can be cleared. Acupuncture also touches on these energies.