Nutrient Disorders

Possible Nutrient Deficiencies and Excesses Attributed to Certain Disorders

Note: These should be confirmed by history, physical examination and testing procedures. Keep in mind some of the problem may arise from problems absorbing nutrients at the cell level. For instance a diabetic will have an excess of sugar in the blood because their insulin is not effective at pushing the sugar through the cell membrane. Thus although there is an excess of sugar, the body is still in need of this nutrient.

How to use this list: if you have hives, then check to see if your iodine or selenium are too high. Check with a health care professional to see if this is because you are not utilizing the nutrient or if you are absorbing too much. If all your drinking water comes through copper pipes, it is possible you are absorbing too much copper. A good health care professional will be able to advise you of a course of action.


Allergy Nails
Auto-immune disorders Neuropsychiatry (see also muscles)
Blood pressure Nose
Bones and Joints Pancreas
Ears Parathyroids
Eyes Parotid Glands
Eyelids Reproductive System
Face Respiratory System
Gallbladder Salivary Glands
Gastrointestinal Skin
Gums Spleen
Hair Teeth
Heart Temperature
Hematology Thyroid
Kidney Tongue
Lips Vascular
Liver Other
Mucus Membranes References
Muscles (see also neuropsychiatry)