Minimum radiation doses which damage tissue

The relative sensitivity of various body tissues gives a good idea of the wide range of symptoms the body would likely experience due to heavy doses of radiation. The radiation exposure numbers below represent the minimum damaging doses for body tissues. The unit of dose is the “gray” (abbreviated Gy) which is roughly equivalent to a sievert. The gray represents the absorption of an average of one joule of energy per kilogram of mass in the target material and this new unit has officially replaced the “rad,” an older unit (One gray equals 100 rads):
Fetus–2 grays (Gy).
Bone marrow–2 Gy.
Ovary–2-3 Gy.
Testes–5-15 Gy.
Lens of the eye–5 Gy.
Child cartilage–10 Gy.
Adult cartilage–60 Gy.
Child bone–20 Gy.
Adult bone–60 Gy.
Kidney–23 Gy.
Child muscle–20-30 Gy.
Adult muscle–100+ Gy.
Intestines–45-55 Gy.
Brain–50 Gy.
Rima Laibow, MD: Intravenous EDTA chelation is said to remove radioactive heavy metals. If the contamination is ongoing, the chelationn needs to continue.