radiationWith the Japanese reactor radiation upon us, it becomes imperative to learn about how we can protect ourselves from radiation exposure. All of the well-known cancer preventives become critically important. Radiation damages the system which protects us from cancer and inserts an agent which damages our genetic make-up leading, much as GMOs do, to foreign proteins being coded for by that damaged DNA. The biochemical (i.e., nutritional) protections like abundant antioxidants, avoiding toxins (including GMOs and chemically produced food, dental and other x-rays, TSA scanners, etc.) become critically important at this time. The danger of radiation exposure is not just short term. When the reactors are capped and controlled, you will still be dealing with the long term dangers associated with radiation exposure, in essence, for the rest of your life.

Status of Japanese Radiation in the US as of 3/27/11

What are the effects of radiation?

What do we do when exposed to radiation?

Homeopathic Remedies


Protective Foods, Supplements and Diets

Protective supplements



The free ebook, How to Help Support the Body’s Healing After Intense Radioactive or Radiation Exposure,

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Here are some Radiation maps:http://www.blackcatsystems.com/RadMap/map.html  

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Information for this report was excerpted from Fighting Radiation and Chemical Pollutants with Foods, Herbs and Vitamins, by Steven Schecter, N.D., and Radiation Protection Manual, Lita Lee, Ph.D. Provided compliments of Dimensional Design Products Inc, makers of the SafeSpace™ products www.safespaceiprotection.com. And compiled by Rima Laibow, MD of Natural Solutions Foundation and configured for easy internet reading by Karen Horbatt.  Natural Solutions Foundation is dedicated to protecting your health choice freedom and information on natural products to support a healthy life style.